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The main potential of Serdang Bedagai Regency’s tourism is the geographical location. Serdang Bedagai of which coastline extends about 95 Km, is a great potentials to be developed into a marine tourism object. Agro tourism will also developed soon for Serdang Bedagai Regency has a lot of plantations and farming areas which can be used as agro tourism and ecotourism. Besides, Berhala Island will also be a marine tourism. It is marked with the marine tourism object development that will be approved by the investor on that location. It is expected to add the PAD income from the tourism sector. Until now, it is noted that there are seven locations of marine tourism object, in Serdang Bedagai Regency, which has contributed in the income of Serdang Bedagai Regency’s PAD. The tourism objects are:

  • Mutiara 88 Beach. The beach is situated in Kota Pari Village, Pantai Cermin District, about 43 Km from Medan and 23 Km from Sei Rampah. This tourism object has its own attraction because of its location in the mangrove forest nearby the beach.
  • Gudang Garam Beach. The beach is also situated in Kota Pari Village, Pantai Cermin District, about 43 Km from Medan and 23 Km from Sei Rampah. On the beach, we can find some accommodation facilities (hotels) equipped with air conditioner, seafood restaurant, karaoke/music, relaxing cottages and some large fishing ponds.
  • Pondok Permai Beach. It is situated on the shore of Kota Pari Village, Pantai Cermin District, about 43 Km from Medan and 23 Km from Sei Rampah. The restaurants located nearby the beach really attract the visitors to come frequently to this tourism object. On this area of approximately ten hectares, we can find the fishing pond, water bikes, the relaxing cottages, and the riding horses. The typical sea fish, crabs, lobsters, and oysters are always available. There are also the entertainment/karaoke music facilities. This tourism object is very suitable for playing kite and Beach volley.
  • Pantai Cermin Theme Park. It is situated in Pantai Cermin District, about 45 Km from Medan and 25 Km from Sei Rampah.  This tourism object is well and professionally packaged with many kinds of recreational facilities, like slide and pools, water sport (Jet Ski, canoe, and banana boat), mini zoo, Bird Park, water castle, pet shop, and restaurants. All of the tourism objects are located along the coastline of Serdang Bedagai Regency.
  • Kuala Putri Beach. It is situated in Kuala Lama Village, Pantai Cermin District, about 48 Km from Medan and 28 Km from Sei Rampah. In this tourism objects, the visitors can see and know how it feels to be the part of the fishermen society. There are some seafood restaurants, relaxing cottages, and fishing ponds.
  • Klang Beach. It is situated in Nagalawan Village, Perbaungan District, about 48 Km from Medan and 28 Km from Sei Rampah. It provides some open stages and relaxing cottages which are frequently used for family gatherings. About 75 Km from the shore, the visitors can find an old well called “Sumur Pandan”. Although it is situated not far from the shore, the water tastes un salty. Most of the visitors believe that the water in this well has a magical power to help stay young and find a perfect match.
  • Sialang Buah Beach. It is situated in Sialang Buah Village, Teluk Mengkudu District, more or less 60 Km from Medan, or about 48 Km from Sei Rampah (the capital of Serdang Bedagai Regency) passing the route of Medan-Tebing Tinggi. In addition to its function as the family recreational place, Sialang Buah Beach is also known  with its fish auction place (TPI). Therefore, a lot of visitors come not only for the adorable view but also for the fresh sea fish. On the shore, we can find some food stalls and relaxing cottages. It also provides the buoy rental place for the visitors who want to swim on the beach.

Besides Serdang Bedagai Regency has other tourism object . There are:

  • Citra Wangi Beach, about 47 km from Medan  
  • Sri Mersing Beach, about 48 km from Medan  
  • Matik-matik Beach, about 53 km from Medan  
  • Nipah Indah Beach, about 55 km from Medan  
  • Sentang Beach, about 61 km from Medan and 48 km from Sei Rampah. Sentang Village, Teluk Mengkudu District.
  • Merdeka Indah Beach, about 65 km from Medan and 48 km from Sei Rampah. Bagan Kuala Village, Tanjung Beringin District.
  • Budi Beach, 65 km from Medan and 48 km from Sei Rampah. Bogak Besar Village, Teluk Mengkudu District.

These seven tourism objects have great potentials to be developed as the marine tourism object. Besides being close to each other, the connecting road of those objects has a good accessibility with the transportation route class III B, which is also known as the route along the beach. Besides those tourism objects, Serdang Bedagai Regency also has an island called Berhala Island. Berhala Island is also prepared to be the marine tourism. Berhala Island has some beautiful reefs and there are a lot of fish in the shallow water. The five hectares land is situated on Malay strait near the boundary of Malaysia. When this tourism object is developed, it will attract a lot of tourists from both Malaysia and Singapore. Besides, there are also locations of cattle-breeding, is very suitable to be developed further. Therefore, it is very potential to be developed into an agro tourism object or an ecotourism. Besides the use of the coastline and the agro business in Serdang Bedagai Regency, there are also some tourism objects taking benefit of the river course, like Ancol Natural Bathing, Batu Nongol Natural Bathing, and Sampuran Widuri which are in progress. There are:

  • Ancol Natural Bathing. This tourism object is situated at a river course; Hulistik river or Bah Bolon river flowing from the mountains in Simalungun Regency passing through the area of Serdang Bedagai Regency. This tourism object is reachable by land transportation, about 100 Km from Medan or about 40 Km from Sei Rampah (the capital of Serdang Bedagai Regency) through the route Medan-Pematang Siantar. The road to this tourism object is in good condition. Ancol Natural Bathing is also reachable through Tebing Tinggi toward Gunung Pamela plantation or from Simpang Bajalingge Kebun Gunung Para. We can use our cars, motorcycles, or public transportation.
  • Batu Nongol Natural Bathing. It is also situated in Buluh Duri Village, Sipispis District, about 100 km from Medan and 48 Km from Sei Rampah, exactly under the river course of Ancol Bathing. This tourism object has the same access as Ancol Bathing. Different from the original condition of Ancol Bathing, this tourism object has been equipped with some permanent buildings which are specially constructed to support it. The relaxing cottages, game centers, and restaurants are provided for the visitors. An alley on the side of the plantation along the river bank makes the visitors feel comfortable to get a recreation while enjoying the fresh air and watching various kinds of birds among the trees. This tourism object also serves interesting food “Cen-Cen fish” a kind of fish living in rapid and rocky course river. This Cen-Cen fish is really delicious. The visitors can also enjoy the view of water course from the windmill.
  • Sampuran Widuri Waterfall. This tourism object, which is being developed, is situated in Dolok about 100 km from Medan and 48 Km from Sei Rampah. This tourism object has three high waterfalls, one of which is up to 24 meters high. There are a lot of potential rivers which can be used as the bathing tourism objects like, Buaya river, Bahbolon river, and the other rivers of which the flow is quite big.

To see information about tourism locations please click ‘Tourism Location’ and ‘Sergai in Photos’.



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