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  • This development of fresh water fishery consists of the intensification and the extensification of the still water, the swift river, the floating net, keramba in the river, and the rice fish intensification.
  • The expansion of the catching fishery and the conservation on the beach also includes the intensification of the catching fishery and the expansion of brackish water conservation.


The catching fishery

The 95 Km coast line covers five Districts: Pantai Cermin, Perbaungan, Teluk Mengkudu, Tanjung Beringin, and Bandar Khalifah. In 2005, the fishery statistics suggest that the use of the potential achieves about 25.000 tons. It suggests that three are enough potential left for increasing the production since the number is still below the potential number of the conserved fishery of Malaka strait, 236.000 tons.

Brackish water conservation

The expansion of the brackish water conservation consists of certain commodities like shrimps, nila fish, and kerapu fish. There are 4.500 hectares of brackish water conservation potential which spread in several Sub Districts, only a small part of which is used, about 892 hectares. The production of the brackish water conservation is only up to 1.132 tons. The low productivity of shrimp is due to the disease undergone. It is supposed to be the concern to improve the capacity and the capital of the local community and it is expected that the investors will invest in order to take benefit of the potential.

  • Pantai Cermin District. Potency conducting farm 600 Ha, with type which at most isn’t it is Prawns of windu with production 29,6 ton, white prawn (24,2 ton), prawn of vanamei (4,6 ton) and crab (4,3 ton). For the magnification of and ossification of crab, opportunity of investment leave open widely. The investment can be invested in Kuala Lama village, Kotapari, Lubuk Saban and Naga Kisar. Fourth of the countryside also have opportunity for development of prawn conducting of vanameri. To support the effort fish conducting, along the Pantai Cermin have there are supporter facility in the form of hatchery.
  • Perbaungan District. Tired conducting farm 170 Ha and as big not yet been exploited. Type which isn’t with Prawn, prawn of vanamei, prawn of windu and crab.
  • Teluk Mengkudu District. Potency farm 600 Ha with farm which have been exploited newly for the with of 120 Ha. Commodity which isn’t it is prawn of vanamei, prawn of windu, white prawn, crab and banding. Conducting location located in Bogak Besar, Pematang Kuala, Sentang and Sialang Buah villages, besides conducting effort, open also opportunity of development of hatchery.
  • Tanjung Beringin District. Total conducting farm potency 959,8 Ha exploited for the width of 40 Ha.  Type which isn’t it is prawn of windu, prawn of vanamei and white prawn. Location conducting located in Bagan Kuala village, Pematang Tinggi and Tanjung Beringin.
  • Bandar Kahilfah District. Potencial farm 1.200 Ha exploited by 41 fishpond unit, biggest in Kayu Besar village and Pekan Bandar Khalifah. Commodity which isn’t it is prawn of vanamei, prawn of windu, white prawn, crab and banding.

Sea conservation

The region’s location nearby the Malay strait is a detriment for the sea conservation. In such a geographical condition, the conservation of the river mouth can be expanded in Tanjung Beringin and Bandar Khalifah District.

Fresh water fishery

The fresh water fishery in this region is still dominated by the conservation. The fresh water fishery expansion is open wide, like in Perbaungan, Sei Rampah, Dolok Masihul, Sipispis, Dolok Merawan, and the other Districts. The local demand for the fish keeps increasing as the community’s concern for the fish as healthy food. The expansion of the fresh water fishery for the future will be carried out in the river, the rice field, and the pond. The conserved fish species consists of the gold fish, nila, cat fish, fresh water bawal, and patin which are the new introductory fishes.

Marine tourism

Sergai is a promising region in the marine tourism sector. It is supported by the interesting beach and the other marine tourisms. Beside the beauty of the white sandy beach, there are some resorts along Sergai. Berhala island is another expandable potential.

Seeding of fish and shrimp

One of the influential factors on the expansion of the fishery conservation is the availability of the seed fish. Along with the expansion of the fishery conservation in this region, the need for the seed fish will also increase. Therefore, the hatchery expansion by the farmers and the entrepreneurs must get a support. The cultivation of the fresh water fish has a significant economic value has been successfully performed by Seed Fish Board with the effort Board can be the seeding distributor for the fish farmer or entrepreneur.

Fish cultivation

The salty fish and the fish chip get a bright prospect to be developed, especially in the improvement scale of the local fish consumption. The salty fish and the fish chip industry can be an alternative for increasing the income of the beach community, especially for the woman empowerment on the beach region.

Fish marketing

The prospect of Sergai’s fishery product expansion for the export market is quite big chance. The location of Sergai near Medan, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore is one of the supporting factors which are quite positive to open the way for the export market. It can be realized if there are great investors, who are able to see the opportunity, involved in this fishery industry.



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